Planning 2018

Welcome, 2018! I am supposed to create a post here in my blog last January, but my time was bent hard, squeezing every minute of it to do my passion in writing and other things like coins and sprouts. My day job is on top of it too. Time management was stretched out. It’s tough … More Planning 2018

Reflecting 2017

A few days more and we will begin our countdown to welcome the year 2018—our beginning for a brighter future and new hopes. The year 2017 is ending, but before it happens, I wanted to look back on how I made it through this year as a writer and as an author. Sure it wasn’t easy—like … More Reflecting 2017

North Emblem, Pre-release

After a year of conceptualizing, writing, editing and listening to the voices of the characters in my head—telling me how to write their story, my second novel “North Emblem” is pre-released today—available this coming May 3, 2017. Finishing this novel took a lot of effort, patience, and determination. It was a product of hard work … More North Emblem, Pre-release