Counting the blessings: A Reflection of my 2018 as an author

A few weeks more, we will say goodbye to the year 2018 and say hello to the year 2019. But before the remaining days of 2018 get consumed by the busy schedule of completing the unfinished projects of this year; wrapping gifts, redecorating the home and attending parties, I’ve decided to drop a post in … More Counting the blessings: A Reflection of my 2018 as an author

Book Published: The Condor of the South

My third novel ‘The Condor of the South’ was a one-year project. And now that it is published, I feel so humbled and grateful. All those sleepless nights, working on the manuscript was all worth it. I thank everyone who supported me. It is because of you all, I am inspired to write more. Soon, the third book of the Relic series shall be written. … More Book Published: The Condor of the South

The Relic Series

Right after I wrote my debut novel A Timeless Heartbeat and have it published last 2016, I took a short break from writing. But it wasn’t really to set aside about the novel works. In fact,  I squeezed the time conceptualizing for my next novels. I promised myself to produce a book every year. Hard … More The Relic Series

Planning 2018

Welcome, 2018! I am supposed to create a post here in my blog last January, but my time was bent hard, squeezing every minute of it to do my passion in writing and other things like coins and sprouts. My day job is on top of it too. Time management was stretched out. It’s tough … More Planning 2018

Reflecting 2017

A few days more and we will begin our countdown to welcome the year 2018—our beginning for a brighter future and new hopes. The year 2017 is ending, but before it happens, I wanted to look back on how I made it through this year as a writer and as an author. Sure it wasn’t easy—like … More Reflecting 2017