Hi there! I’m so glad you dropped by. I want to share something.

Every difficulty we’ve encountered is always accompanied with lessons to be learned. As we overcome the hardship, we always remember how we did it. We took the risk and we compromised for the better. Nobody is perfect. I acknowledged that I have flaws and every day I strive harder to correct it to become a better person. As I looked back and assessed carefully how I managed to triumph my shortcomings, it is inevitable to feel the desire to share it to other people. I want to help. This is my primary objective of becoming a writer and an author. So I opened my laptop and started writing it.

At first I felt shy. As I scanned my mind for the appropriate words to type, my thoughts deliberated. Writing down about one’s struggles in an open book can be a double-edge sword to the author. True, people will learn from it but there are also some whose judgement is uncontrollable. So I hesitated. I closed my laptop and slept on it.

The following morning, I thought it over again. I told myself, “Hey, many are doing it. You want to help people. So let the voice in your head be heard by others. Go ahead, write, and be an author.”

I finished my breakfast and allowed my enthusiasm to run through my system. And luckily, the spirit of a writer has awakened inside me. I just can’t stop typing the words dictated by my head. It was a remarkable feeling. And so, I gave birth to my first article, How I Improved My Sense of Direction.

Like many other writers, producing a work is not a walk in the park. It is without an attempt to reach our own perception of perfection. But then again, no one is perfect. I always tell my little Tarzan to aim for the stars. If you fail, you are still in the moon. I hope I was able to justify it too in my work.

So from the bottom of my heart, I wished my articles can touch the heart of a reader. To be liked by few is more than enough than being silent. And I am glad I am writing these days. This is my passion.

To the people who helped me by giving me their inspiring words and who reviewed my work, thank you very much. You are my angels in disguise who made me realized that a dream will remain a dream unless I will begin my step to make it happen. And I am in debt to your goodness until the end.


Click a link to read an article. Happy Reading!.

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