Book 2 of The Relic Series

Writing in Progress

Writing in Progress.

Elijah and Hayleya—my main characters in North Emblem occupied my thoughts more often these days. I know it’s somehow weird when you hear someone saying, “My characters are talking to me in my head and I can hear their voices loud enough that I am compelled to write a transcript of their conversation.” Jeez, is she losing her mind? Well, I believe it is not about insanity issue, but it’s more on embracing this kind of talent that not all have possessed. As an author myself, I am blessed that I have this wide range of imagination that I am actually imagining Elijah, wrapping his arms around Hayleya—close enough that he can feel the warmth of her breathing. It was impossible to escape what their hearts dictate. I can feel what they felt for each other at that moment they exchanged their glances—in love, but hesitant. And when their lips met, the author giggled, blushing. It’s nice to feel in love and being loved.

For me, being a novelist allowed me to experience feelings that are new to me or if not, long forgotten. Like that of a child who worries nothing, but enjoying the kiss of the sun while playing in the fields of grass—smile is from ear to ear, chasing a butterfly. I missed that feeling. And writing my books reminds me how wonderful the world is in the eyes of a child. We all have wishes in life that are hard to achieve or if not, on our way still to reach it. And I am fortunate that I can get this feeling of “what would it be like” through my characters. All these feelings inspired me to write the words in my head, guiding me how the story goes. I write what my character tells me to write. I want them to surprise me.

But—when writing, it requires another level of concentration to feel everything there is to feel. That’s why it is essential too that the writer’s mind is at peace. And I’ve been battling to have a clear mind; considering that aside from writing, I have other things to attend too—day job, family and more. It wasn’t a bed of roses, but sure, I wrote Book 2 of the Relic Series. I know I aimed to write this installment last August this year and despite a hectic schedule, I wrote it at the target month. And as I’m writing this blog, I already completed seven chapters, aiming to complete the entire book before the end of January next year. And if I’m lucky, the book will be published by next year too.

Anyway, as I write the second book, it is essential that I get back to how the story of Book 1 started and how I plotted the ending. And that includes remembering all my characters in Book 1 and decides the fate of their story in Book 2. It is my first time writing a book series, so I am both thrilled and extra attentive on this matter.

So I hope you have read North Emblem already. If not, hope you can grab a copy from your favorite Online bookstore listed on my site. I can’t wait to tell what’s next for Elijah and Hayleya’s love story. But for sure, Elijah needs to be more patient for Hayleya’s roller coaster emotion in Book 2. After all, if Elijah is the Eagle of the North, he needs to face the Condor of the South.


Cherry Seniel is the author of ‘A Timeless Heartbeat and The Relic Series‘, the story of defying fate—a love of a lifetime. During the day, she works with her team and applies her knowledge in the field of Information Technology. At night, she speaks with her characters and writes their story. 



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