North Emblem, Pre-release

After a year of conceptualizing, writing, editing and listening to the voices of the characters in my head—telling me how to write their story, my second novel “North Emblem” is pre-released today—available this coming May 3, 2017.

Finishing this novel took a lot of effort, patience, and determination. It was a product of hard work and constant motivation to keep going despite the challenges and difficulties I’ve come across with along the way. And now it is finally here. All the efforts and sleepless nights, finishing what had to be done—they were all worth it.

Hope you will love the story, the way I did.

Say Hello to Elijah and Hayleya. I hope you will love them and the rest of my characters in the story.


NORTH EMBLEM 357 x 536


This book will be available
May 3, 2017
Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
Fiction » Romance » Fantasy
Published: May 03, 2017
Words: 81,900
Language: English
ISBN: 9781370677238

The Chief of Aplon is dead. The entire village rejoices. His death serves as a reminder to everyone. Never defy the law of the land or succumb to the consequences. Loving a Samardian is against the rule. Did the spirit forbid it or is it a law mandated by man? No one gets immunity—not even the Chief.

Ingrid—the woman he loves. She can’t escape the wrath of the people, including the life she carries. But she will take her chances. Her baby will survive and rule Aplon one day to correct these idiosyncrasies. She will protect this claim even it will cost her life. It shall be done. This is her vow.

Elijah sees nothing but darkness the first time he opens his eyes while in the care of his newfound family. But thanks to his crystal, he pictures the world in black and white. He wants to believe he is normal, but his heart tells otherwise. And with his fatal touch—he knew he isn’t ordinary. He must conceal this secret. It’s the only way not to hurt anyone. But with Hayleya, the world he knew becomes the opposite. He can look into her eyes and feel her touch without fear. And she holds his heart captive the first time their gaze met. If only he can swap his reality with that kind of world he knew in his dream. He would stay in that place where there is no fear and darkness, but love and freedom. Their love is real. The story repeats itself. He fell in love with a Samardian—just like his father. But this time, he will fight for it and he must succeed. The life of Hayleya and the discovery of his true identity hang by a thread. There’s no room for failure. Saving Hayleya means unleashing the words written by a powerful Samardian—his mother.