What inspired you to write?


This month marked my first year since my debut novel A Timeless Heartbeat came to life. And like what other indie authors have claimed, the challenges in dealing the authorship journey never ditch us. It takes a bountiful of efforts to become a novelist, fueling the desire to write a good story. But every struggle is a sign of progress, and so I never cease to do my best and continue to find ways of improving my craft.

Having a day job, while making way for my passion in writing, demands an amount of time and patience to achieve success. There were times when I was about to surrender and allow my egoistic claim to rule out—and so I closed my laptop for many days and forgot everything about my writing endeavors. In this short number of days that I deprived myself of my passion, I felt dull and my thoughts were left suspended in the air. And then one night, everything around me simply reminded me of what I really want in my life—to be inspired and to live more than one life through the thoughts of my characters and the world that I have created for them as a writer.

Where did I get this inspiration that conditioned my mind to write romance novels? Well, it’s from everywhere and everything that surrounds me—family, love, nature, friends, pets, emotions and being a woman—soft and gentle.

The inspiration to write just came to me in disguise. These are some of my encounters recently. And I told myself, “I was born to write”.

  1. Rain won’t go away.

It’s almost eight in the evening. An overcast of darkness owned the sky—heavy dark clouds formed in the air, pouring the water it carried in the open space. And so I snuggled in the comfort of my warm home, but the sound of droplets touched the surface of our roof. It roared in chorus—disturbing my peaceful reverie. So the pen in my hand has urged me to write.

  1. His care.

He opened the door and saw me half-awake. I glanced in his direction. I was drifting to a full state of sleep, but I thought the way he looked at me. He was worried—I can hardly stand up for long hours that day. Nausea simply hits me—round the clock of staring at my laptop and Smartphone to complete a task. Exhaustion becomes an enemy. Proper rest was all that I needed and so I have attempted to sleep in the middle of the afternoon. He closed the door without a sound, making it sure that I can have that rest. He continued washing the dishes while humming his song. And when he was done, his chores just got warmed up. He minded the laundry and prepared our meal for the night—such a responsible man. And I fell asleep at last—feeling secured and taken care of.

  1. A sinister dream.

I had a dream. We were travelling—me and my family. We rode in our car, going for camping. A friend hopped in and joined the journey, traversing that rough road straight to the dreaded sundown village. It was a talk of our town that the villager took the shield under the comfort of their roof and padlocked their doors when the darkness hits them. A sinister claim, yet we have chosen that place as our destination to camp. In the middle of our trip, the friend who joined us, grabbed his bike and deserted us. He took the opposite route, paddling fast without looking back at us. He wanted his freedom—no worries, no pressure. The next thing I knew, I knocked on someone’s door, begging them to let us in. Something was running after us—hunting us. They rejected our plea and shut their doors in front of us. And our head of the family has arrived, checking his wounds from the bites of the enemy. What was it—we don’t know and they were dangerous. Relief washed over me.  I thought I lost him. But no—he fought hard so he could come back to us and protect us from that monster. I felt safe. The question was where we should hide. And then I opened my eyes, drenched with sweat all over my face.

  1. She departed.

We lost my grandmother last year from her battle with cancer. One night, I dreamed of her. She called me, gesturing her hand at me to come near her. I looked at her—she wanted to tell me something—a sort of advice. I knew she left us already. In my mind, I deliberated to come near her or not. And my feet were rooted in the ground. I glanced in her direction once again and I woke up.

  1. Gift giving.

Last Christmas day, Treasure Hunting gave us glee. It was a game I have organized, enticing all members of the family, young and old to join. I went to the grocery and bought household items and named each one of them as the Lost Treasures. My lips can’t contain my smile as I headed to my way home. I have started wrapping each item with that transparent colored cellophane. The day I have waited has finally arrived. I scattered that rolled piece of paper containing a number that they will remember when claiming a treasure. Everybody had fun finding each one of them. And who got the most number of treasures? It was my fifty-eight-year-old mother, followed by my five-year-old nephew. The source of happiness can be everywhere, we just have to open our hearts to find them.

So I am inspired—that’s why I wanted to write paranormal romance novel. What inspired you to write? It’s fun recalling all of them.

Cherry Seniel is the author of ‘A Timeless Heartbeat‘, the story of defying fate—a love of a lifetime. During the day, she works with her team and applies her knowledge in the field of Information Technology. In her free time, she reads anything she can find on the internet. Currently, she is working on her second novel that will be out soon.

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