What motivates a writer to write?


Last 2008, when I took my Masters Degree in Business Administration, one of our professors asked us to present our dreams to class. The activity was fun and interesting as we get to discover the futuristic mind-setting of each one of us. I hardly recalled what I have shared with my classmates until recently when I found the material that I used from my stock of old files. I smiled when I flipped that piece of cardboard where I glued the cut-out pictures, symbolizing the dream that I would want to achieve in the future. Sure, I must be thinking like a millionaire when I thought of those things—well, it’s free to dream and so why limit it? Like a child, I sat on the floor, legs crossed as I go over with it one by one—I blushed. I submitted to my realization that I am what I truly am because what I dreamed back then connects to what I am doing now for the future.

For every goal that we wanted to achieve, I believe that there are no shortcuts—I need to take the first step of the ladder before I could make it to my desired achievements. And so I started to contemplate. Finding the purpose of my hard work would somehow a way to embrace what I’ve believed the three pillars of life—healthy mind, kind heart, and brave soul.

Yes, I write novels nowadays—a passion freed from a cocoon that was once kept so long in my thoughts and feelings. So while I was in my in-depth recollection, I only asked one question to myself.

What motivated me to write? I think I got my best answers.

1. Love

It is as simple as I want to spread love to my readers. In my character’s eyes and feelings—we are one. I feel what they felt. I laughed with them and I cried with them. They are the extension of my desire to serve others. The works of literary simply enamored my sense of purpose. To love and be loved are such an amazing role one can take part because it is essential to  life.

So as an author who writes in the romance genre, it is important that I correlated the seven types of love in my stories. It is a challenge, but I am doing my best and will continue doing it for the better.

  1. Eros-a passionate love and it is the one shared from a romantic love.
  2. Philia-the love we can experience from friendship.
  3. Storge-the kind of love between parents and their children.
  4. Agape-the universal love, such as the love of strangers, nature, or God.
  5. Ludus-that playful love during seducing, teasing or flirting.
  6. Pragma-that kind of practical love founded for a reason.
  7. Philautia-a self-love, which can be healthy or unhealthy

2. Hope

According to many literary experts, the paranormal romance genre is all about love stories of two lovers who must go against all odds to fight for their love and promise a happy ending.  Hope plays a major role in it because without hope, it was like not believing that tomorrow will come. And this is how I would like my character to be portrayed in my story, be protagonist or antagonist—they are people like us who believe that once we choose hope, anything can be possible. The notion captivated me and that’s set my goal to be a paranormal romance author.

There’s one nice quote that I like—it says, “Some see a hopeless end, while others see an endless hope.” So it surely depends on our way of thinking and how we react to every situation that we encountered along our way.  So let’s hope for the best and never stop trying.

3. Humanity

I really like the idea of giving back to the society and that’s why if I may share with you what I have shared with my MBA class before—school, hospital, foundation house and a farm. These four were the ones I have highlighted aside from my love of traveling. It feels good to help others without expecting anything in return. And oftentimes, it becomes a blessing. Because the more we give, the more we receive. It’s an astonishing reward of life that is sneaky to be explained at times. But I guess since we are humans, we are susceptible to feelings—compassion, empathy, and trust. And that’s why the network link of sharing is infinite.

Overall, the idea of giving back what we received is bliss.

4. Knowledge

Books, articles, documentaries, webinars, news of current events, testimonials, and many others are my best source for stock knowledge. And when I write, I can’t focus on one subject alone, but many aspects according to the flow of the story that I am writing about. Like they said, write what you know and the words will become flawless.  Regardless of what kind of genre we write—fiction, comedy, drama, horror, non-fiction, romance and more, knowledge is the key. It is when we realized that to gain knowledge isn’t only about getting into formal education, but also, embracing what we have. Besides, the advancement of our technology nowadays is a perfect opportunity for us—both timely and efficient.

5. Fun

Well, I would say that writing a fiction story sets my emotion into a 360-degree roller coaster ride. There are times when my emotions were set high like that scene when one of my characters conquered his victory—or my emotions were pulled in my lowest when one of my characters died in the story.  It may sound stupid to cry over things that were in fact not in our reality, but in the mind of an author, they existed because they are the representation of our subconscious wishes and hopes—they are us. At times, they represent as our doppelganger.  And the experience can be one kind, fun journey in an amusement park.

Cherry Seniel is the author of ‘A Timeless Heartbeat and North Emblem‘, the story of defying fate—a love of a lifetime. During the day, she works with her team and applies her knowledge in the field of Information Technology. In her free time, she reads anything she can find on the internet. Currently, she is working on her third novel that will be out early next year.

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