My rainbow towards success—7 ways to be productive

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Last May, I completed the manuscripts for the paperback edition of my debut novel, A Timeless Heartbeat. Right after I finished what has to be done, I felt that a chunk of my energy has faltered. And because of that, I was having a hard time to start writing Chapter 6 of my second novel. It wasn’t like I am out of ideas, in fact, I felt that I have plenty, but my mind and body were just too tired and lazy to do the job at the moment. So I’ve decided to pause and find the means to recharge my energy. Writing out from the pressure of producing merely at least 80,000 words or more for a novel is a red flag. I should know, that story that I have come up with will be boring, if not, gibberish.  So I didn’t push myself harder and just acknowledged that I have completed, reasonable chapters, composed of 30,000 words so far. And I stopped there—for now.

I encouraged myself by keeping in my mind the idea of knowing what to write and to equip myself with knowledge by doing research and internalizing the flow of my story. It will keep me away from what they called “Writer’s Block”. I have thought that’s the only thing a writer should be worried about, but apparently, it wasn’t only that. The greatest enemy was the tiresome resulting to laziness. It was the result of doing many things at the same time, plus handling the hurdles in my everyday life—my energy was sucked out to my last strength.  I became a walking zombie.

I was no longer productive even if I followed what was written in my supposed to be an itinerary list for the day. The spirit of the writer simply ditched me, and not only that, everything felt very heavy on my shoulder. I was totally drained. Perhaps, like a solar bulb that needs to be recharged under the sun. So I planned my escape, find my rainbow and then I can shine on my own way again.

1. Rejuvenate the mind by listening to meditation music.

 Merlin’s Magic of Rejuvenation Music helped me a lot. Nowadays, the social media and our easy access to videos online made it convenient for us to find music that we like. When I worked abroad before, it also came to the point that I suffered insomnia. The stress at work accompanied by the pressure to fit into a foreign country, made my mind always busy and awake that it was almost impossible to get the sleep I needed even for a few hours. I almost quit until I found my remedy—the music of nature and the sound of the elements will simply do its magic. Now, whenever I find the chance, I listen to its revitalizing rhythms and allow my mind to drift to a peaceful trance. It will be a smell of fresh sunshine afterward.

2.  Give yourself a short break from what you are doing, but don’t forget the deadline you’ve set.

 In my case, I have targeted to produce my second novel this year. Although it’s a sideline aside from my everyday goals for my day job, my passion in writing is natural and it comes from within, hence, I take every process seriously—my second novel is on its way to be known. I believed I was on the right track. I have set a deadline on when to complete the project—the writing of the story, the editing, the copyrighting, the beta reading and finally, the publishing. But wait, something blocks me to continue—as much as I would follow diligently the goals I’ve set like writing a chapter every week, the tiresome was so overwhelming that there’s no option but to pause and go to get some fresh air—away from the pressure and away from it. So I must take a break and forget about it for a moment. Anyway, my journal where I’ve written my goals and deadlines was secured. And whenever I’m recharged, I can go over with it and follow the plan.

3.  Do the other things that you love.

 When you give yourself a break from what you’re doing, it will certainly make you realize the other thing that you’ve love to do, yet you were deprived to do it because of lack of time. Gardening—it became a salvation to my desire to give back to nature. When almost everything was too heavy to carry on my mind and shoulder, I resorted to Germination—the process by which a plant grows from a seed. The idea of planting a seed and takes good care of it until the sprouts blossom, rekindled my hope for my dreams. So I planted the seeds, labelled them, and protected them from too much water and sunlight. One morning I woke up and the sprouts greeted me. The feeling was priceless, it reminded me that patience is important as well as doing well and taking good care of what you have accomplished so far. It can take us to what we’d hoped for—success.

4. Share the laughter with your family and friends.

 I asked myself, “When was the last time that I spent my time, thinking, talking and laughing about anything that puffs up in my head?” Relaxing in front of a TV while sharing the laughter with the family for a comedy scene, teasing as they’ve seen the tears slowly travelling its way down to my cheeks, screaming for suspense and horror while the popcorn got spilled on the floor because you can’t take off your gaze from that thrilling moment—they are simple yet powerful way to reinstate the brain and to loosen up myself from the shadow of work pressure and dreams. I was merely dictated by the idea that in order to beat deadlines, one must muster in managing his time well—watching TV is nothing but wasting the time. So it’s seldom that I’ve stayed long in front of a television. But I’ve completely forgotten, it was designed to serve its purpose differently—it holds your rapport with your family, relatives or friends. It’s a way to invite harmony and cheerfulness in your place. And when everything is in its symmetrical state, your focus is well set—the momentum will flow on its own.

5. Take a vacation.

 Perhaps the top advice a person can give when someone will ask him or her on how to recharge the body is to take a vacation, in the beach—find yourself and reborn your body. What a way indeed to free your mind, body and soul. Sitting in the sand, staring at the sunset while inhaling the warm sea breeze flowing in a different direction, is such a therapeutic claim. I have definitely done this—a week vacation and made a stopover at a nice island where all you will have to worry about was being tangled by a sea snake once you submerge your body in that deep-blue inviting ocean. What a way to free my spirit as I looked at the horizon of hopes, traversing my gaze to an infinite view of the ocean.

6. Pamper yourself with something it deserves to have.

Taking a  quiet and peaceful sleep in an overnight stay at a hotel, visit a massage parlor, secure your seat in a fine dining, visit a well-known gym for your exercise, relax at a spa house, playing golf  or buying something you like or anything that you would want to have or do that is within the limit of your budget. It doesn’t have to be an expensive treat as long as you will enjoy it and find yourself in a different level of contentment. In my case, it is as simple as applying pedicure or buying a movie pass together with friends, or buying myself new books, that will do as long as I’m happy having it. What’s important is, from time to time, we reward ourselves for a job well done and for a moment, we pause from worrying about wrong spending and regret it afterwards. We deserve it. Isn’t it the reason why we work hard? We have to pamper ourselves and be proud about it.

7. Give back the love.

Whatever amount of success bestowed upon us, big or small, it is always a rewarding feeling when we give back to people whom we think contributed to our achievements. Everyone was born with a purpose in life—a mission that we’ve carried from the moment we took our first breath outside the womb of our mother. From the beginning, that mission may be far from our knowing, but eventually as we grow older, the meaning of life will unfold on its own. I strongly feel that I am alive so I can spread goodness and can make someone’s life bearable and content. I am meant to reach my dreams so I can provide and give convenience to my family. So I strive harder. One thing that I’m sure about—the amount of joy that I feel when I see someone I cared about reach their dreams, and me as the vehicle to take them there is simply unimaginable. But in the first place, it’s because of them why I took the journey towards success. To love and to be loved is our sustenance to move forward.

We are all trying to figure out how we can move on and continue with the plans that we made. One experience may be different from another and it is our choice which one we feel applicable to us. Nonetheless, we must find our rainbow so we can start again and fulfil the promise that we made to ourselves—to do it better and to make it happen. Reach our dreams and never feel tired reaching them. We are one step closer every day. Tomorrow, we wake up and we are already there.

Cherry Seniel is the author of ‘A Timeless Heartbeat and North Emblem‘, the story of defying fate—a love of a lifetime. During the day, she works with her team and applies her knowledge in the field of Information Technology. In her free time, she reads anything she can find on the internet. Currently, she is working on her third novel that will be out early next year.

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