Challenges of a writer #2: Achieving the goals.

In every endeavor, there lies a specific goal that every writer would have wanted to achieve in this lifetime. The goal varies depending on the artistic claim of every writer. Hence, I’m speaking in behalf of my personal journey as I took the road of becoming a better novelist.

I wanted to excavate my deepest thoughts about this entire journey of writing. To be able to do that, I would need well assertive questions that will help me think deeper and come up with the exact, if not the closest source of my motivation.

Thanks to the free guidelines contributed by many generous authors out there—coming up with these questions becomes so handy.

So what are the questions that will help me evaluate my purpose?

  1. Why do I want to write?

Writing is my passion. Well, I guess you get that same answer too often and the word passion seemed overused. Generally, we do what we do because we are passionate about it. It is our passion that makes a writer like me to write from the heart. We write what we know and that will make words pour out effortlessly—it latches to the writer’s persona from the very beginning. So I won’t dwell much on that. What I want for an answer this time is from my practical perspective. I can come up with a bucket list, but I want to highlight one thing. And I guess this is the perfect answer in my case.

From a practical point of view, I write because I want to age with style.

When I say style, for me, it is aging with an active and beautiful mind. Writing allows words to flow in and out of our brain. And when I write, it is inevitable to do research and therefore, to read. All these, are a good exercise to maintain a healthy and sharp memory especially when I aged.

Writing many novels and to become a better novelist—these are my goals.

  1. How can I become a better writer?

Becoming a better writer is a tough call. And I believe that it is a learning process that should be handled thoughtfully every day.  Getting along with what’s the norm in the field of literature is relevant. Apart from what they called standard in novel writing, the paradigm of what was classified as best practices is changing every day. So I must get acquainted with this new change. But how am able to deal with it? I am taking my notes often and these are what I did so far to acquire awareness.

        a. Joined authors and writers club.

The insights coming from other authors are very helpful. In fact, it was because of their shared wisdom and knowledge that gave me the idea on how to deliver my debut novel A Timeless Heartbeat to an e-book distributor. Sharing and exchanging of ideas are very powerful tools to learn and to achieve success—reach out and interact.

        b. Boosted my participation in social media.

It is such a humbling feeling to follow people having the same interest as mine and to be followed back. It made me feel that I am not alone in this writing journey. Thanks to the advance technology nowadays—reaching to others is within our grasp. I love my twitter participation. I could get latest updates from writers, authors and friends around the globe.  And get updated from their latest tweets.

          c.  Read news and current events.

I write fiction novels, but it doesn’t mean that I only read novels too. Early morning, I devoted my thirty to forty-five minutes reading news and current events around the world. Aside from getting an update on what’s happening around us, I could get an inspiration and good motivation for the story that I’m currently working with. I could understand the emotions that were coerced by a specific incident and the triggering point, why such action was initiated by someone in the first place. Also, the current status of our environment, the climate change and the consequences of following a different route—these are all relevant to come up with a good and captivating story.  I believe that the mind of a writer should be boundless—ready to digest information and learn from them.

             d. Participated in online social gatherings and interviews.

I have never imagined that Writer’s Conventions, Authors Conferences and Book Expos can be done online nowadays. And what amazed me was it can be offered for free. Wow, thanks to the generous sponsors of that event. So I participated and believe me, I want to do it again. It was a fun, learning experience. And the best part there was it gave me the chance to introduce myself as an author and talk about my book. Giving back to the people is fulfilling. So whenever I can secure my attendance on these free activities, I gave my book for free as a token of my appreciation. The experience alone was priceless and I felt I was the one who benefited much from it.

  1. What genre and age category will I write?

Ever since I became a fan of novels, I love a story intertwined with obstacles and challenges before reaching a happy ending. Usually, there are two individuals who fell in love yet deprived of the chance to make it happen. And to defy the norm, one must harness an extraordinary journey to secure a happily ever after story. The idea simply drives my interest to the sky—it fuelled my passion to write stories under paranormal romance genre.

The idea of romance and love are in depth from the perspective of an adult. The love has blossomed to the mature level, hence, the idea that some idiosyncratic things can happen and may be beyond what we can call ordinary in matters of the heart are accepted and embraced.

These two categories, they are my target for a story.

  1. Why I want to write Literary Fiction?

Generally, when I write my stories, I want to explore on the human condition and focus more on the internal conflicts of my characters. As the character develops, I want to give emphasis particularly on what circumstances triggered an emotion to become existent. And in between, I like to insert beautiful and artistic prose to describe an emotion that can be felt by anybody in real life.

So I have chosen to write novels and aimed to write one novel every year.

  1. What is my timeline goal of finishing a novel?

It may be too long for others, but for me, I am comfortable to give it a year to complete a novel.


1st month


Finding and developing an idea, develop characters, plotting and do research.


2nd to 5th month


Writing all the ideas for every character.


                           6th month


Write additional drafts, rearrange events, change scenes of characters and more.


7th to 10th month


Check for grammar or spelling errors. Fine –tune structure of the sentences and pacing. Check for clichés and awkward sentences. Review if the cliffhangers were in place effectively. Play with word choice and check if dialog tags were correctly used.


11th month

Beta Reading and Book Cover Designing.

Ask a few friends to be the first readers. Get their thoughts and comments. Apply changes when necessary. Ask for professional help for the book cover design. Formulate a captivating book description.


12th month


Open for self-publishing or traditional publishing if g with the right opportunity. Avail the Pre-order option to allow marketing campaign and exposure prior to the actual release date of the book.


  1. Do I want to write novels as a hobby or a career?

My goal is to dedicate more time for my writing in the future and exert all my efforts to become a better novelist.

My writing journey has already begun.


What about you, what are your goals to achieve success in writing?



Cherry Seniel is the author of ‘A Timeless Heartbeat‘, the story of defying fate—a love of a lifetime. During the day, she works with her team and applies her knowledge in the field of Information Technology. In her free time, she reads anything she can find on the internet. Currently, she is working on her second novel that will be out soon.


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