Challenges of a writer #1: Busy Schedule

As a writer and being new to this profession, it is inevitable that at times, I would ask myself, “Is it the best time for me to write at this very moment?” And when I gathered my thoughts to answer my own question, I would arrive with these two answers—yes and no. It is conflicting that at times, I was caught in between and would just choose the answer, maybe. Sometimes, I am confused that I ended myself surfing the internet. I will be destructed that at the end of the day, I have accomplished nothing in my book. But is it healthy to force myself to write even if my mind is not in its well-conditioned state to produce words and ideas for my writing? Or am I just making excuses and allowed my laziness to consume my day and be tempted with my subtle obsession of social media and other forms of interactions? I am guilty with the latter. So, I must reassess my actions and contemplate on what I would love to achieve before the year 2016 ends—to publish my second novel. Well, there will be no novel if I don’t write. So there’s no excuse, I have to write. The challenge here is finding my perfect moment. In my case, I am struggling to find one. I’ll tell you why.

Right after I have self-published my debut novel ‘A Timeless Heartbeat’ , I am inspired to write my second book. My passion in writing is overwhelming that I cannot just neglect it and let it go. So I made the month of February, this year, as my starting point for this new project. Luckily, I was able to follow that target. That entire month was invested in planting the seeds of ideas for my book. Various researches were made to find a pitch that I can work with and somehow I can relate into. But how I can apply these ideas and become productive? In my present situation wherein I can be bombarded with different tasks every day, finding the perfect time to write is both tedious and challenging. I work as an IT professional during the day from Monday until Saturday and my night time is my only time to talk to my characters and write down their story. It is a very hectic schedule indeed that sometimes, I will just stare at the wall blankly to assess if I am fit to write at those hours.  Lately, I was struggling for my time and energy. I could go home after office hours, feeling so drained and tired.  Sure, I am of the same condition when I wrote my first novel—working during the day and writing at night. Voila, I made it. It was a very rewarding feeling and I am very inspired to do it again. But wait, I think I may have forgotten something. Before, there was only writing, but now, there’s promotion and interaction for my previous book. Oh boy, I thought once I finished my book and get it published, the project is totally completed. In reality and based from my experience so far, that was just the first phase. The second phase is to give my book a chance of exposure. It includes promotion, social media, participating in book offerings, interactions with friends and readers, building an author profile on the web and a lot more. But don’t get me wrong, I love everything that I am doing and being an author is a dream come true for me. But how should I manage all of these—family, day work, book promotion, writing, blogging, author platform and more?

I must find a way. I won’t give up and soon, I will give birth to my second novel—this is my goal. Well, I realized that to reassess all the factors that may have contributed to my busy schedule will definitely give me ease. So I need to reorganize.

As part of my writing habits assessment, I should evaluate the following:

1. What kept me from writing? Solution
·         Too busy at home

·         Losing Focus

·         Feeling the pressure that resulted to unfruitful habit.

·         Not knowing what I really want in a story.

·         Losing Energy

·         Losing Inspiration


·         Build a project timeline when to start and to finish the book. Allow a day’s buffer.

·         Make a daily calendar of activities.

·         Feel and listen to my intuition and ask myself, “Can I connect with that story? Will it challenge me to become a better writer and a novelist?” If the answer is yes, then that is my cup of tea.

·         Make sure to add ‘Take a nap’ & ‘Playin my daily activities to rejuvenate my mind and body during office breaks.

·         Maintain my every other day exercise to strengthen my mind and body. Maintain a healthy diet.

·         Love myself more and be inspired by what I am doing and what I can become. Never depend my happiness on others.


2. What made me so lazy to write? Solution
·         Too sleepy at night after dinner time.

·         House chores

·         Conflicting interests when doing my research for my book

·         Subtle obsession of Social Media


·         Find a suitable location where to write.

Ø  Writing while sitting on my bed is not productive at all. The comfort of the bed is always a temptation.

·         Proper scheduling when doing chores and division of labor.

·         Turn off internet connection when writing. This will cast away temptations.

·         Schedule time for research. Researching while writing tends to deviate my focus, leading me to check my social media accounts.

·         Social Media for promotion and interaction should come second. Writing will come first. Not the other way around.


3. What kept me awake late at night other than writing and personal? Solution
·         Social media and interaction

·         News updates

·         Organize a schedule for my book promotion. Be specific with days and time.

·         Read news in the morning


4. What made me too exhausted, resulting in failure of writing. Solution
·         Too much pressure at work and unexpected deadlines

·         Travelling & traffic jams

·         Noise, unhealthy environment, conflicts and issues, relationship demands

·         Be sure to take a nap during lunch breaks

·         Take vitamins to boost my immune system. Maintain exercise.

·         Traffic is everywhere; learn to be patient about it. Find diversion roads.

·         Be open-minded and communicative. Talk and listen. Problems and issues are part of our everyday living. Learn to have more patience and be more loving.


I haven’t included writer’s block in my list. In my own opinion, an idea needs support in order for me to entail the concept into a deeper perspective on my writing—a research will help me achieve this objective. If I can’t write it yet, it means I’m not yet ready and will need extra effort on my part to get there. It will be like taking an exam. I need to equip myself with knowledge, I need to study.

 It’s an everyday learning and I should maintain my focus and aim for my goal. Negative thoughts will make me unproductive so I’ll have to empower my mind and let go of my worries. Writing is my passion and sharing my thoughts through my novels is a dream come true for me.



Cherry Seniel is the author of ‘A Timeless Heartbeat‘, the story of defying fate—a love of a lifetime. During the day, she works with her team and applies her knowledge in the field of Information Technology. In her free time, she reads anything she can find on the internet. Currently, she is working on her second novel that will be out soon.


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2 thoughts on “Challenges of a writer #1: Busy Schedule

  1. You do CHARTS? Wow! impressed! finding time is a perennial problem. I’m supposed to be retired..but I still struggle. I think you make time…if you want to. If you can’t *find* time, it’s coz your heart’s not really in it. And yes…all writers are insecure bunnies! That’s where social media helps. You make mates, they RT ou stuff and you share their joys and sorrows. VERY good luck with the book…and keep on writing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Charts, I think I have to, it will help me get my focus back *chuckle*. It sounds “old school”, but it’s ok. Old ways can still be so powerful for us to achieve our goal. Indeed, social media is the author’s sidekick these days. Authors and writers who are into traditional publishing and self-publishing are now doing the same way for promotions and interactions with readers. But anyway, it’s fun and a very nice way to meet new friends with the same interest.
    Thank you and I wish you the same too, Good luck. Cheers!


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