My Top 4 Amazing Moments Of My Debut Novel.

Finally, my debut novel ‘A Timeless Heartbeat‘ under paranormal romance genre is here. I can sweep off a trace of sweat on my forehead and can confidently say, “Phew, I made it!” And I can’t wait to share with you some of the remarkable moments on my way to publishing.

1. Copyright Registration.
Publishing a book is like delivering a baby. And like any mother, you’ve wanted to make sure that your baby will be safe before it comes out. It will give you peace of mind and security. So before my book will come out and be introduced to the readers, I wanted to make it sure that my copyright is in place. Patiently, I went on to the application process and submitted the requirements that they’ve asked me. When I hit the submit button, I was excited at the same time hopeful. During this entire process, I asked myself, is this for real? Did I really finish my novel? I was skeptical, but the fact that I’m in that position, processing of my copyright certification, it was really happening. “A Timeless Heartbeat” was certainly there and I am the author of that novel. And you know what? After I finished all the process and received from the Copyright Office their confirmation, I got astounded. I never expected that I could be in the moment—caught between happiness and pride. I was too overwhelmed with joy because it finally sank into my senses that, yes, I did write a book and it is about to get published. I imagined myself, waving my hand with pride to my audience. I wanted to show the people how proud I was for my novel—my new baby. It was simply amazing. The amount of joy is completely immeasurable. That was my first “cloud-nine” moment.

2. Formatting Requirement.
Before my novel got accepted by my chosen publishing company online, it went to a remarkable formatting process. Although I am quite proficient in using the software because of my IT literacy, the entire process made me sit on my chair and faced my laptop for hours. Although I was just using the Word to edit my document, as clearly specified in the formatting guide of the publisher, it wasn’t a walk in the park for me. I need to take all of the instruction seriously and be meticulous as I can be. I need to check how other authors did it too, and checked one by one if I followed what’s written in the guide. At the same time, I had to repeat the proofreading over and over again, to make sure that there was no error in the spelling or punctuation marks. Patiently, I completed everything that was needed. My book was ready and so, I submitted it to the publisher. As the processing was in progress, I held my breath while the conversion flag flashed on my screen. Each progress gave me a temporary relief until the 100% success popped up right before my eyes. It passed and my file was successfully converted according to the formats that will be distributed to the book retailers. It was such a relief. Well, what I learned from this experience is we should follow instruction most of the time. It will make our life easier. I was confident that I did all my best to format my book, according to what was instructed. Instructions were meant to guide us. So we should diligently follow. Such a rewarding experience.

3. Publication.
Since I set my publication date two days in advance prior to the actual released date, I have the buffer of time to recheck everything like my book description and other information that will be included in the metadata of my book. And true, I was able to refine information which I think needs some revision. That’s the beauty of the pre-order setup. You will have additional time to check everything before actual publication. My debut novel ‘A Timeless Heartbeat‘ was officially published last January 18, 2016. After it was published, the book will not be distributed yet to book retailers. It will be quarantined for further evaluation of the publisher. They will check if the book has no errors and followed their terms and conditions. If the book passed, it will be classified as a Premium. Only Premium books will be shipped to retailers. I was fortunate that my book passed. It was a humbling moment—my characters will be introduced to the readers. And their story will be known by many.

4. Distribution.
“Hooray! My book was classified as premium.” I was chanting that line inside my head. So what’s the next thing to do? Monitor and watch how the publisher sprinkles the dust of magic to my book by distributing it to the book retailers—their partners. I call it, giving the vaccine to my new baby and its sunlight exposure. It took 3 days for my book to get its spot in an online bookstore. I first saw my book in KOBO. That moment when my browser displayed ‘A Timeless Heartbeat’ search result in KOBO online store, I was shocked for a moment. It was really happening. My book was really there and my name was written as the author. So definitely, that’s my book. Well, of course I should know—that was my book cover design too. I covered my mouth with my hand to conceal how amazed I was. I can’t believe it. My baby was being introduced to the world. And then other book retailers followed like INKTERA and others. Hopefully, more retailers soon. Being an author is a privilege.

My passion in writing was completely hidden for so many years. Now, I have unleashed the other side of my talent and my passion. If you believe in your dream, the universe will conspire to make it happen. So continue dreaming and start working on that dream.

I did. I am an author.

A Timeless Heartbeat

By Cherry Seniel

Available at:

Barnes and Noble
KOBO Store


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