What’s my challenge these days?

Editing, editing, editing, and editing.

I am an aspiring novelist and becoming one is a dream come true for me. But they said, one couldn’t reach one’s dream unless you start doing something about it. So yes, I’m on it. I take the step every day to make it happen. And luckily, I did finish writing my first novel. But wait, when a writer finishes a story, it doesn’t mean the job ended there. It’s just the beginning. For me, it is easy to conceptualize what the story is all about and to write it. I am lucky that somehow, the voices in my head made it possible for me to write the story seamlessly. I’ve learned that a novel writer can be classified into two; the first is the one who make an outline of the story before he or she will start writing. The other is just going with the flow, meaning, the writer will just sit in front of the computer or laptop, start writing, and just write whatever the voices in his head tell him to write. I guess, I am like the latter. And that gave me a headache when I started doing the editing. Because aside from following the standard structure of a novel, I need to make sure that the words I used were grammatically correct, the formats were appropriate, tags were properly placed in a dialogue, follow ‘show don’t tell’ rule, avoid filter words, and many others. So that’s my challenge these days. That’s what kept me busy, especially at night and on weekends.

So I am writing a novel under the paranormal romance genre. My target audience, young adult. As a writer, deciding which genre to belong and knowing who will be your readers, are relevant to have a clearer goal when doing the editing. Yesterday, I just finished my second phase of editing my novel. So today, I will edit again from the top until the end. I will do this until I am satisfied and my characters will tell me that they are ready. While I’m doing my editing, I am also studying and learning from other authors. Like what I’m doing now, sharing my writing journey with you, they did the same. They shared their significant experiences, hoping to shed some light to aspiring novelists like myself. And it helped, a lot. I’m thankful.

The clock is ticking. My desired date of publishing my first novel is fast approaching. I am crossing my fingers and toes. Thank God, I had helped in coming up with the best title suited for my novel. The tricky part when choosing a title is, it has to be unique and unused by a previous novel. It’s safer this way to avoid copyright issues in the future, especially if the author had its trademark. Another reason is in the marketing aspect. If the title has been used before, it can be a ‘pull or push’ to your book depending on the reviews of the previous novel who used the same title. So better to come up with a unique one. No hassle, no headache, and you’ll be proud because it’s also your identity as an author. In my case, after our sixth attempt, we finally found one. I thank my significant half, he spent days conceptualizing for a title. It’s been a crazy-fun-filled experience doing the editing and the designing of the book cover, but I love it. It helped me develop my skills more.

I realized that in everything we do and in everything that we are going through, it’s more fulfilling if we share it to people whom we cared about. I did share it with my family. And I discovered how fun it can be when sharing ideas, giving critics, and finding ways where to get the resources. It made the task bearable and enjoyable to handle.

So wish me luck and I am sorry for my scarce posting. Thank you very much for your support. I will update my page as soon as I can.

Here’s a tidbit for my upcoming novel.
1840. When the love began. What would you do if fate forces you to face something that wasn’t really yours? A paranormal romance. Soon…


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