I feel them. I am a writer.

For the past couple of months, I was plunged into a roller-coaster of emotions. The idea of seeking a wonderful source of emotion to seal the rift of disappointments and sadness has invoked the hope of tomorrow, thus, ignited the flame of excitement and adventure. But I never thought it would produce a salad of emotions that further injected mixed decisions into my life. It made me feel that I was in a 360-degree ride being twisted, pushed, and pulled. Sure, there’s excitement as being pulled up and there’s fear as being pushed down. But life is meant to be like that. We never learn until we taste the sweetness and bitterness of life. There’s no remorse because it made me become a better person.

I was in my ups and downs but it never kept me from writing. In fact, it became my antidote. My desire to unleash my passion to write, paved the way to make me feel better. I channeled the excess of these emotions by giving life to my characters. All of the characters that I have created were a representation of each emotion that I dealt with both past and present. I spent many nights conceptualizing a plot that will allow the characters to tell their story. And I hope I gave justice to each of them. It took a lot of patience and perseverance to understand the significance of embracing one’s passion. In my case, my passion in writing has been enslaved by my fear of rejection and low self-confidence for many years. So I kept it hidden. But it’s never too late than never. Now is my time to embrace it and spread love and hope by letting the voices be heard by many.

During my elementary years, I was drawn to books. Not that I was a bookworm but I just loved to collect books. I wasn’t particular yet with the genre. I just loved to see books filed inside my room. When I was in my high school, I became an avid fan of our school library. I would go there to scan novels and I discovered that I’m drawn to stories that talks about mystery realm, romance, fairy tales, and magic. In other words, I love fiction stories. My sensitivity taught me to daydream and shift my mind to fantasy. This way, I wouldn’t feel much the harsh punishment of reality. And this is where I hear voices of my characters. They would tell their sentiments and I’m bound to mend their pain. My challenge is to promise their happy endings. And so my task to write their story begins.

Last month, I completed writing a novel which is now under my VIP care for my editing and refining. Writing never comes so handy. It is not without a struggle and pain because when my characters are in pain, I feel them. I feel their laughter, hopes, and sorrows. When they cry, I cry while writing their story. When they feel afraid, I scanned the room too because I felt goosebumps in my body. I don’t know yet where this journey can take me. But I feel exactly how my characters feel whenever I write them. And so, yes, I am a writer.


2 thoughts on “I feel them. I am a writer.

  1. Wow, this was like reading my own writing Journey. It took awhile to let fear go and do what I love to do; Write.
    “…my passion in writing has been enslaved by my fear of rejection and low self-confidence for many years. So I kept it hidden.” I can relate to being enslaved by fear and rejection, still am at times when doubts start to take over.
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂


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