Where it all begins?

They say, the beginning justifies what’s today. I won’t forget the first time I have ignited the passion with just one spark. And then the flame just died on its own. The passion wavered and it was completely forgotten. It was in the summer of 1995 that I have started what they have called writing from the heart.I was 19 yrs old and back then, I was so inspired by the works of William Shakespeare. It somehow influenced my way of writing. I was young and loved the idea of love. But my heart was guiding me somehow on how to set my expectations when loving. My very old poem will say it all to you.



By: Cherry (Summer, 1995)

I. Indeed what a tranquil night tonight. Stars show not in the sky , nor shadows play not in the moonlight. But this heart of mine keeps struggling for its right. Yet every beat dost deny not each expectations that might.

II. I’m tellin’ thee how foolish’d hath been I am. Seeking for such love as what lovers hath done. That wondrous love that touches the feeling of everyone. Day’night thinking all times , wondering of someone.

III. Truly indeed if thou wilt say , That true lovers always find its way. Asking for warmth affection where young hearts could lay. This affection that can procure the happiness which camst may.

IV. How terrible it was then, begging for such love. An affection that could be drag by someone , even a tiny dove. But ‘till end I knowst what’s whispering above? A little hope that someone would share , the feeling one dost have.

V. Thou tell me not that I am a little insane For thous thyself knowst love could even fetch a pain. I hath a journey to go although my heart would be in vain. This young heart of mine endured and hear not thy defame

VI. Myself is bound not , yet my heart tell me things to do. I hath no weapon nor shields oh, indeed I’m afraid to go. But I tell thee I hath this power that even a great warrior can’t know. This unseen power that could make my enemies to haw.

VII. It is my shield that protect me from any harm. For it touches the rays of the sunlight and made my me feel its warm And ere the winter comes surely it will give me alarm. That’s how it dost , it makes my enemies to run.

VIII. Scorn not the words I’ve been tellin’ thee. Thy laughter could make my heart in lament as it was never be. Instead show me hope rather than loathing me, For it could make thyself sorry watch and you’ll see.

IX. Alas , my life would be worthless if my love won’t succeed. If living alone with miseries,’ it’s better then to lay dead. For I knowst a heart that is full of thorns is painful indeed. And if this could be happened, Oh GOD , take me instead.